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January 2024: Finally added a Frontier Airlines history page with forty-six (46) pictures. Added twenty-one (21) new airport pictures: Lake Tahoe (4), Denver (4), Houston (13).

October 2023: Northern California update; added twenty-one (21) new airport pictures. San Jose (8), Sacramento (2), Lake Tahoe (6), and Monterey (5)

April 2023: Added twenty-two (22) new airport pictures to the Miami page.

January 2023: Added thirty (30) new airport pictures: Los Angeles (12), San Diego (8), and a new Grand Canyon Airport page (10).

July 2022: Added a new Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) page with twenty (20) new pictures. Another update coming soon!

May 2022: Added twenty-three (23) new airport pictures: Burbank (12), Los Angeles 1982-1983 (11).

February 2022: Added eighteen (18) new airport pictures; San Francisco (8) and Miami (10). Added new airline; Great American Airways history. Added new pictures (Twenty 20) to the various airline pages (Air Bahia, AirCal, Air Oregon, Air Resorts, AirWest, Empire, Cascade, Cochise, and Golden Gate.)

December 2021: Added forty-eight (48) new airport pictures; Ontario (2), Santa Barbara (1), Seattle (6), Denver (11), Phoenix (8), Miami (18) and Fort Lauderdale (2).

October 2021: Just purchased a wonderful collection of slides with many from the 1960s-1970s so will take a while to sort through, however have added thirty (30) of them to the airport pictures; Los Angeles (12), Seattle (10), San Diego (3), Santa Barbara (2), and Orange County (3).

September 2021: Added forty-three (43) new airport pictures; Los Angeles (15), Miami (10) and a new Fort Lauderdale page (18)

July 2021: Added twenty-two (22) new airport pictures; Denver (8) and Miami (14). Added new airline; Golden West Airline history

January 2021: Added Thirty-Four (34) new airport pictures including a new entry of Miami (15), added to San Francisco (16) and Oakland (3).

November 2020: Added Twenty-Four (24) new airport pictures: Denver (5), Las Vegas (5), Los Angeles (14), Added two new airline histories: Gem State Airlines and Golden Gate Airlines.

September 2020: Added Twenty-Five (25) new airport pictures: Denver (12), Seattle (8), LAX (5), Added two new airline histories: Frontier Horizon and Hughes Air West

July 2020: Added Forty-Six (46) new airport pictures: Denver (10), Sacramento (10), San Francisco (10), Los Angeles (6), Orange County (6) and Seattle (4).

June 2020: Added Twenty-Seven new airport pictures and a new Seattle-Tacoma Airport page (10 pictures), LAX (12) and San Jose (5)

May 2020: Added thirty-three (33) new airport pictures; San Diego (10), Oakland (8), and Santa Barbara (4)

April 2020: Added new airline America West Airlines page. Added 15 new airport pictures; 5 to Burbank, 5 to Denver and 5 to Las Vegas.

January 2020: Some long awaited updates. I apologize for the delays. My plan is to update at least once monthly. Added Denver as a new airport with 10 pictures. Added airport pictures to; San Diego (3), Los Angeles (5), and San Francisco (5). Added two new airlines Empire and Far West.

January 2019: Added two new airports, Las Vegas and Phoenix to a Southwest Airports entry with 20 pictures. Added California Air Shuttle to airlines page and did some cleanup and added a few various pictures to the airline entries.

December 2018: The Departed Wings-Los Angeles book is finally here and available to order! Added 18 new airport pictures and a new Palm Springs page. (6 to Palm Springs, 1 to Santa Barbara, 7 to Orange County and 4 to LAX)

June 2018: Added 32 new airport pictures. (5 to LAX, 10 to Santa Barbara, 6 to Ontario, 6 to San Diego, and 5 to Monterey) Also updated LAX page navigation.

January 2018: Added three new airlines (Casino Express, Cochise and Connect Air), Added a new Long Beach page and 31 new airport pictures. (3 to Lake Tahoe, 2 to Santa Barbara, 6 to San Diego, 5 to Ontario, 6 to Long Beach, 2 to San Jose and 7 to San Francisco)

October 2017: Added one new airline (Cascade), added a new Oakland page, added 18 new pictures (2 to Burbank, 4 to Oakland, 5 to Lake Tahoe, 6 to Los Angeles and 1 to San Jose)

May 2017: Added one new airlines (Cal-State), added a few pictures and cleaned up existing airline profiles, added 12 new pictures. (7 to LAX, 3 to Sacramento and 2 to San Jose)

March 2017: Added five new airlines (Arizona Airways, Aspen, Big Sky, Cal Air and Cal Sierra), added 10 pictures to San Francisco page.

November 2016: Added two new airlines and added 21 new pictures. (3 to Burbank, 5 to Los Angeles, 2 to Santa Barbara, 5 to Lake Tahoe, 5 to San Francisco and 1 to San Jose). Added a Ontario page with 7 new pictures.

June 2016: Added three new airlines and 5 pictures to LAX, 3 pictures to San Diego and 9 pictures to San Francisco.

May 2016: Added four new airlines and updated AirCal and Air Oregon pages.

March 2016: Added 11 new pictures; 3 to Burbank, 5 to Los Angeles, 1 to San Diego and 2 to San Francisco. Also added two new airlines; AirPac Alaska and Air Pacific.

January 2016: Added 26 new pictures; a new Sacramento Airport page, 13 new photos in a Los Angeles 1980 page, and 5 to San Francisco.

November 2015: Added 26 new pictures 1 to Monterey, 1 to Santa Ana, 10 to Los Angeles, 3 to San Diego, 4 to San Francisco and a new Lake Tahoe page with 7 pictures. Also added Air Hawaii and AirLA pages to Airlines.

September 2015: Added 9 pictures to San Diego, 1 to Burbank, 6 to Los Angeles, 1 to Monterey and 7 to San Francisco. Added an Orange County page with 9 new pictures. Continuing to try update page regularly.

July 2015: Continue to build site. Added new Burbank page with 7 new photos, 3 pictures to Santa Barbara and 2 pictures to San Diego.

January 2015: Continued to work on the development of the website. Added new airport pictures.

July 2014: Newly re-designed site is live. Watch for recurrent updates over the next few months!

August 2014: Added a Los Angeles Airport link with photos, started uploading the airlines links, more coming soon.